ICO Governance Platform

Creating (i)Transparency, (ii)Accountability and (iii)Corporate Governance for ICOing Companies and Investors



Both the Investors and the ICOing companies can see the status of the investment and ICOing companies are free to perform transactions within the agreed limit and in the full transparency/visibility to Investors


Makes companies accountable to their investors and gives them the power to block transactions if the company is not performing per their expectations

Corporate Governance

Utilizes the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) concept to bring about corporate governance to the functioning of companies

Performance Linked Milestones

Enforced adherence to accessing additional funding only after reaching explicitly codified milestones

Escrow Wallets

Funds remain safe in escrow wallets and are only released after investors' consent or upon reaching milestones, per previously agreed upon rules

Interaction Interface

Provides a mechanism for investors to interact with companies and gives them visibility into day to day matters


ICOs are an innovative method of financing, yet they currently lack a mechanism of enforcing transparency and accountability. Cateno plans to address this shortcoming by building an ICO Governance Platform, which would leverage the power of smart contracts to provide corporate governance to companies and investors over the invested funds, which is lacking in the current setup

Companies raising funds through ICOs and investors investing funds in those companies

Cateno does not plan doing an ICO on its own in the foreseeable future, therefore there won't be a token release

Investors get visibility and control over the funds invested in ICO projects. The ICOing companies get control on some malicious investors who may want to "pump and dump" the tokens thereby making a quick buck in the process

Yes, the existing ICOs can use Cateno's wallets and the platform itself to host existing or recently concluded ICOs. We plan adding Cateno Token Marketplace to facilitate token but/sell operations

Currently, Cateno supports Ethereum (ERC 20) tokens. In the future, we may support other ledgers like EOS, Stellar as well

This platform is still under development. Please check back our website or signup on our mailing list for further updates

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